1. Full of Life


Look all around and all you'll see
People complainin' and down you see
Never looking at the things they have
All of the time, things are so bad

I choose to take a different path
It all adds up if you do the math
Reach yourself up, to the sky
You better find life before it passes you by

I know a lady, her name is Lolita
She's a real trip if you get a chance to meet her
She says when she's a kid people beat her
She lets her past demons all come and defeat her

I said Lolita take your bird in hand
And listen to this lesson from this little funk band
Like a good wine, we get better with age
So drop down your demons and get out of your cage

I saw a preacher man on cable TV
He was spittin out a message he was talkin' to me
He didn't want my money, or my things
He didn't want my Palace or the wealth or Kings

He said look here man,you got it all wrong
You can tell people 'bout it, in your little song
Its not about what happened or where you should be
Its bein' full of life with a soul that is free