1. The Thunder


Ridin’ down town
Every corner you see,
The chicken looks so good.

Planes in the air
Lookin’ like the fair,
In a real bad neighborhood.

Stained tank tops
Plenty of cops
The spray is in the hair.

Bumpin’ and grind,
There’s plenty of time,
Before Explosions hit the air.

It’s the Thunder….

Sun roof wide
Sittin’ low in my ride
Movin’ with the crowd

Pumpin’ some jams
You don’t know who I am,
You only know its loud.

In a city run down
You don’t look like a clown
With a mullet on your head.

But you better watch out
And don’t scream and shout
Cause they’ll know your red.

It’s the Thunder…..

Well you got a fake tan,
You jump from your van
With your kiddies and the booze

With your old man drunk,
Sittin’ on a lawn chair,
Out cold takin’ a snooze

Now you dress real nice,
With a smile cold as ice
As you make your way ahead.

If you find some one
As cold as you
You’ll manage to hit the bed.

It’s the Thunder……